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Neulash aka Miracle Grow for your lashes

I have always felt, as a woman, that u was a bit short changed in the eyelash department. Of course I should be grateful that I have eyelashes at all, but, to be frank, they sucked. They were short and stubby and straight as all get out. I’ve been a master of the eyelash curler for most of my 25 years. (Everyone raves about the Shu Uemura, and I get it. I used it for years, but my personal favorite is the Shiseido - I’ve got giant eyes and the width of the curler is much better suited to my eye shape, so it’s really a matter of personal preference and biology.)

Then one day I was reading the blog of the lovely Julie Engel of Gal Meets Glam  and I read a post she did on Latisse vs. Neulash and I decided I wanted to see if it could fix my longitudinally-challenged lashes. 

I bought mine on Amazon for a fraction of the price (The first time I think it was $58, the second time $52)

When it finally arrived (okay it was only 2 days - Amazon Prime I love you…) I was so excited. And it was so cute!


I started using it in February, and the difference has been unreal. I didn’t take a before photo when I started (shame on me, I know), but here is a very poor photo of my results so far:


I was told that it looks like very pretty bugs are situated above my eyeballs - a compliment of the highest nature.

I haven’t had any side effects - I know they warm you of eye discoloring and irritation, but my eyes are still blue and they’re only irritated when cottonwood flies through the air (so this time of year, always). I just got this new tube a month ago, so I guess the other one lasted me about 5 months - that’s pretty good. I don’t use it every night anymore, so I think this tube will last probably 7 or 8 months - definitely worth the price, I think.

I’m not a professional or anything, but I recommend this if you’ve got crappy eyelashes, or if you’ve got an event coming up where you would like for your lashes to look fabulous (a wedding, a formal event, whatever).

Named by God

I’ve been doing this super-awesome online bible study with She Reads Truth. It’s been really fun reading and learning with other women my age in similar and also completely different circumstances.

Each devotional has a “she shares truth” assignment where each member is invited to share a story on the topic at hand. This study is on the book of Ruth.

Ruth, as I have learned so far, is a humble, hard working, God-loving woman - the kind of woman I definitely want to be. Naomi, her mother-in-law, is a similar woman. These women have both just lost important people in their lives - Naomi lost her husband and her two sons, while Ruth lost her husband. Ruth, the loyal woman that she is, refused to leave Naomi’s side and returned to Bethlehem where Naomi was from. Naomi, while not angry with God, still a loyal servant, believes that God has taken from her everything (because, well, He had…) and she decided she would now be ‘Mara’ which means bitter.

This weeks’s #shesharestruth assignment asks me to discuss whether I feel named by God or by my circumstances.

Well, I’ve got quite the reputation (I’m proud of it, for the most part - I don’t find these traits poor ones even remotely) for being quite honest and extremely sassy and sarcastic. I’ve been called plenty of other things that are less than flattering, but I think those are the most common. Anyway, I guess I am saying that yes, I am those things… But you know something else? And not many people I know read his so I’m not ruining my rep too much - I’m actually really nice. I’m loyal, friendly, loving and a fantastic listener. My boyfriend even tells me I’m sweet - I don’t buy that one. I’ve been through a few things that could have made me bitter and angry with The Lord but I haven’t allowed that yet. But I am also not allowing myself to live by the name He has given me, heck, I’m not even sure what that name is yet, but by the name I give myself, by the name that I have been given by my circumstances.

I’m a good person, I think, most of the time, maybe it’s time I started acting like it and paying more attention to the name The Lord has given me.


I’m having one of those days when I feel like I’m experiencing to many big life changes at once and I can’t really mentally handle it, so all I really feel is a strong urge to throw my obscenely slow-moving laptop through the window, blast Interpol at a deafening volume and dance until I pass out and forget that I’m just being a big baby.